The History of the Chalet

“Behind every dream there is a memory, of places and people. A memory that we take with us and which becomes a place of refuge for us.”

The story of the Baita del Cain is the story of our great-grandparents. A story which is dear to all our hearts, the story of our family, of yesterday and tomorrow.

The Baita del Cain was built in 1914. During the summer, it was used for the hay-making season when our great-grandparents, together with their cows, would come up to this lodge for a month and transport hay down from the mountains to the town. The ground floor of the lodge was used as a barn for the animals whilst the hay was stored upstairs, where our great-grandparents also lived.

All these years later, we wanted to keep alive the memory of our ancestors and their history. We decided to do this by opening doors of the Baita del Cain to guests. In 2014 we completely refurbished the lodge, recovering and reusing the stones of the original structure, retaining its historical authenticity and, at least in part, its architectural value.

We want to share all of this with you, a past which is still our present, precious memories for us which we are sure will leave a lasting impression on you.
The pleasure of a holiday in the countryside where you can relax and perhaps even reconnect with yourself.


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The cost for the exclusive rental of the chalet is €850.00 per night during high season (from 15 December to 15 January and on months of July and August) is €750.00 per night for the remaining period of the year. A 2 night minimum is required.

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